About Us

I’m R. Alan Smith, principal of Build Momentum Now!

An attorney, political consultant, government affairs professional, communications expert, and Registered Corporate Coach™, for more than four decades I’ve been helping clients navigate the treacherous seas where law, business, politics, government, media, and public opinion converge.

It has been said of Alexander the Great that “… what really set the young prince apart were his keen powers of observation and his ability to draw the correct inferences from what he saw.  As a young man, Alexander applied those powers to combat; he was able to observe and then act upon data – features of topography, for instance – whose implications no one else could understand as clearly or as quickly.”  (Alexander the Great: The Ambiguity of Greatness, 2004)

Seeking to emulate Alexander’s skill as a strategic and tactical leader, I’ve developed my own powers of observation, and ability to draw the correct inferences from what I see, not on the military battlefield, but in the crucible of the courtroom, corporate and government corridors of power, and on the political battlefield:

  1. I’ve acquired and refined a unique, systematic way of sizing up the complex and dynamic ecosystems in which leaders, organizations and movements find themselves operating — whether they like it or not.
  2. I’ve learned to harness the knowable, demanding, ironclad laws of momentum that mirror the laws of physics in the corporate and political world.
  3. I’ve adapted the strategies and tactics of history’s greatest military leaders to shape the battlefield to my advantage, to multiply my opportunities for victory, and to exploit the weaknesses of my opponents.
  4. I’ve cultivated the disciplines of strategy design and execution essential to building and sustaining personal and organization effectiveness and momentum.
  5. I’ve developed nerves of steel that enable me to be the calm in the eye of the storm, a steady hand on the helm, whether in placid or stormy seas.

My Strategic Thinking and Action Consultancy Team can help you, your organization, your movement to think strategically about your future, and to develop and execute strategic action plans to build and sustain momentum for your ideas and initiatives, and greatly increase the odds that your ideas, your initiatives, your organization will not just survive, but thrive!

And the flip side, of course, is that we’re good — we’re very good — at developing and executing strategic action plans to slow down, derail or stop dead in their tracks all forces who oppose your ideas and initiatives, who pose an existential threat to you.

When it comes to momentum, we’re relentlessly, ferociously committed to helping our clients:

  • Get It!
  • Use It!
  • Keep It! and
  • Never, Ever Lose It!